KAZI: bridging the expectations gap between talent and employers

One in two employees want to switch jobs within the first year of employment because of a mismatch in job expectations

What is KAZI?

Kazi is a scientifically & academically validated expectation scan which allow companies to recruit & retain talent that truly fits their organization.

How does it work?

Companies & students can do the test very easily and for free after making an account on our website. The test exist of 29 questions for companies and 61 questions for students.

What is the outcome of the test?

Both companies & students who complete the KAZI test get to know their two most important work values & their two most important team roles.

KAZI & student.be

We work together with KAZI because it has a direct link with our mission: we want to help Young Graduates  to launch their career the right way.


When companies post a job online on our website, they get the chance to do the KAZI test and add the work values & team roles to the job offer. This way, companies can immediately see if the applicants match with the company values or not.

Young Talent

All the students that make an account on our website, can also do the KAZI test for free. This way, they get to know their 2 work values & 2 team roles. If the job offer shows the KAZI outcomes as well, they know immediately if they match with the company values or not.

"Typically, during an interview, we spend half of our time explaining what kind of work Sweco offers, and you try to get a feel whether or not this matches with the candidate. thanks to kazi, these mutual expectations are made clear, upfront."

Davy Bollansee

HR Business Partner @ Sweco

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